Lab Reports

Laboratory reports contain no value information. Our AGS Accredited Gem Lab allows us to provide accurate grades and identification information for our clients. We also have accounts with the GIA Gem Trade Laboratory and the American Gem Society Laboratory when advanced testing or third party grading is required or requested by the client. When grading mounted gemstones and diamonds, the mounting may limit the accuracy or types of tests that can be performed as well as the accuracy of the grades reported. All such limitations are disclosed in the report and will be discussed with the client at the time of take-in.

Gem Identification Lab Report – Written or Verbal

All necessary and available tests and examination techniques are utilized to determine the identity of a gemstone.  Our ability to identify uncut or rough stones is very limited; but, we're happy to take a look and see if identification in our lab is possible.  In some instances, jewelry mountings will prevent us from using tests that would be conclusive so we're limited to ancillary testing as the only available option. Ancillary tests may produce results that are only indicative of identity; and the results are reported as being "more likely than not" rather than "positive".  If necessary, we may suggest sending the stone to a 3rd party laboratory with advanced equipment that can make a positive identification. When discovered, any enhancements or treatments performed on the stone are noted in the report.  If you choose to have us send your stone to another lab for advanced testing we'll discuss the fees in advance.

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