Insurance Appraisals

There are two basic types of appraisals prepared for insurance purposes.  The Insurance Acquisition Appraisal is the kind most people think of and is used to secure scheduled insurance coverage for their jewelry. The Post Loss Appraisal is prepared after an insured loss and can be used to document the decrease in value for damage or to provide an opinion of the value of jewelry that's been lost, stolen or completely destroyed.  Sometime people refer to the Post Loss appraisal as a "hypothetical appraisal"; but, that's not accurate.  The appraisal and the value exist and aren't "hypothetical"; but, because we never examined the property prior to the loss we have to make use of "extraordinary assumptions" and possibly utilize "hypothetical conditions" to arrive at an opinion of value.  This kind of appraisal is often very time consuming and requires patience and expertise to provide a credible value that your insurer will accept.

Insurance Acquisition Appraisal

Most people think this is the only type of appraisal.  For each item, the appraisal includes a very detailed description, precise measurements and grades, digital image(s) and the estimated retail replacement cost based on careful research of the appropriate market.  Our appraisals are very detailed and comprehensive since this is the only document that protects your interests in your insurance contract.  We want to be sure you're coverage is complete but that you aren't paying excessive premiums because of inflated values. 

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