Appraisals for the IRS

Appraisals prepared for IRS use require very specific methodology and very careful research and reporting. There are five basic types of reports that fall into this category and the value definition as well as the market research for each type is different. All of these appraisals include detailed descriptions, quality grades and digital images in a self-contained appraisal format. Each is extensively researched, documented and prepared to the level required by the Department of the Treasury Revenue Procedure 66-49, Treasury Regulation Section 1.170A-13, Revenue Procedure 96-15 or other statutory requirements as appropriate.

Estate Tax Liability Appraisal

Federal Regulations require these appraisals to meet all of the statutory requirements of a "Qualified Appraisal" and to be prepared by a "Qualified Appraiser". The specific definition of Fair Market Value as determined by [26 CFR, section 20.2031-1(b)] of the Treasury Regulations is used for these appraisals.  In general, these are relatively complex appraisals with more detailed explanations of how the fair market value was determined and slightly less emphasis placed on descriptions.  If State inheritance taxes are owed the specific requirements of the jurisdiction will dictate the value definition and requirements of the appraisal.  We're here to assist you in providing accurate, defensible value for the property in the estate.

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