Appraisal Information

An appraisal is a considered opinion of the identity, condition, relative quality and value of a specific item at a certain time within a specifically defined market for a specifically defined purpose that is developed by an independent, trained appraiser who is familiar with that type of item, after careful examination, authentication and value research in the appropriate market.Appraisers have…
Your appraisal is only as good as the education, training and experience of the person who prepares it. Experience that matters. I've been involved with the retail jewelry industry since 1983 when I opened a jewelry store with my father after many years of cutting gemstones and making jewelry. I understood that to provide accurate appraisals I needed to gain…
Why a "Free" Appraisal Isn’t Worth Even That Much. Could you hand your “free appraisal” to a total stranger and expect them to identify your jewelry in a crowded pawn shop showcase? How about in all of the showcases in all of the pawnshops in your area? If the answer is “not a chance”, then that’s exactly the likelihood of…
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