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It's important to know that, except for appraisals prepared for the IRS, there are no rules, regulations or licensing that governs who can appraise your jewelry.  That means literally anyone can claim to be able to provide you with an appraisal. But are they actually competent to do so?  Probably not, but that won't stop them. 

Over the last 30+ years, Mark has earned the highest designations as a gemologist and jewelry appraiser from 5 of the largest and most prestigious international organizations.  Beyond earning a Graduate Gemologist diploma from GIA, he has undergone many hundreds of hours of continuing education in order to remain current in the constantly changing gem and jewelry industry.  Not because he had to; but, because it's the right thing to do in order to protect your financial interests by providing jewelry appraisals that are detailed, accurate and defensible.  We offer a comprehensive range of services and are able to assist you in valuation, consultation, resale and acquisition of fine jewelry.  We're here for you.

How Can We Help You?

I need to insure my jewelry

Whatever documentation you provide to your insurance company is the only information they will use to settle your claim.  Agents may "accept" as little as you wish to provide them; they work for the company and may or may not tell you that it's your responsibility to provide accurate descriptions and values.  Our appraisals include very detailed descriptions and accurate values to ensure that you're protected without paying excessive premiums from inflated values.  REMEMBER: you're insuring the jewelry, NOT a dollar amount. An accurate description is vital.

Gem Lab Services

If you need to know what you have, verify a seller's claims of quality or precisely document a gemstone, diamond or jewelry for resale, we're your experts. Our independently accredited gemological laboratory combined with decades of experience and hundreds of hours of training are here to answer your questions. No values are provided with our lab services; if that's part of what you need to know then you should choose one of our APPRAISAL SERVICES instead.

Gem Lab Services

If you want to know what something is worth, it's called an appraisal. There are no laws or regulations protecting you from untrained jewelry appraisers so do your homework. We provide appraisals that meet the highest professional standards so you can be assured that our values are accurate and based on research and expert analysis.  The IRS Regulations have very specific requirements that must be met before they will accept any appraisal. Mark meets the requirements of a "Qualified Appraiser" and our reports meet the mandatory requirements for a Qualified Appraisal". 

Gem Lab Services
If you simply need advice from an expert and it doesn't involve determing value then our consultation service may be right for you.  I have decades of experience and many hundreds of hours of training and education that may allow me to answer many different types of questions you may have.  Examples include the bulk separation of fine jewelry from costume jewelry, pre-purchase education, pre-sale education and litigation support.   Hourly rates for consulting are available; please contact us to find out how we can help you.

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